An extra $100,000 in your bank account by May 2022?!?

Totally possible if you’re a crypto businessman.

(You’ll find out what I mean in a second)

Before you spend 5 minutes reading my sales page (or scanning it),
I want you to take a look at this:

This guy made $20,000,000 from a popular crypto called Shiba Inu.

(I assume you know what crypto is if you’re reading this)

So, how much money did he invest to make $20 mills?

Think for a second and answer this question...

Nope, it’s not $10,000,000.

Neither $1,000,000.

Not even $100,000.

It was…

This. Guy. Made. $20,000,000. With. Just. $1700.

Crazy shit right?

It’s like flipping 1 Macbook Pro into 10464 Macbook Pros. In just 90 days.

Now, you might say…

“Cool, this Messiah guy made so much money with so little. But that’s not a common thing.”

And you’re definitely right.

I don’t know anyone else who 12311x-ed a random coin.

But what I do know is… a dozen friends who make 2x, 3x, 5x or even 10x their money in the span of 30 days:

Seeing this is unreal considering the amount of money you’re making without lifting a finger.

That said (and shown), an extra 6 figures by May 2022 don’t seem to be a big of a deal right?

If you only knew the “crypto-biz” cycle…

“Gotcha. Where do I learn more about this weird cycle? If it’s real at all...”

Alright, allow me to explain what all this means.

Most people online get richer from crypto than getting cash from their own businesses. (or whatever)

But that’s only if crypto is not their main thing.

Still doesn’t make sense? Keep reading then.

See, we can both agree crypto is fun to play with.

Especially if you 5x your money in 5 days.

Totally makes you reconsider if you’re destined to be an entrepreneur.

Or just a guy who flips random coins for 10x profit all day long.

But the thing is…

Getting rich from crypto wouldn’t be possible if you don’t have consistent monthly cashflow.

In other words, getting money from a business to “fund” your crypto plays.

It should make more sense now.

Let’s repeat it together so I’m sure you get it --

“I need a business that gives me consistent cashflow so I can fund my crypto plays...

And most importantly, make bank from crypto as I’m not emotionally attached to the money.”

Aah, that’s it! Glad we’re on the same page.

And at the end of the day, you want to make as much money as possible right?

But the truth, as you should've realized by now is

You need money to make money

Unless you're gambling in random dog coins which go dow 90% in a day

So what do you do to make money?

Start an online business.

A service-based remote online business

which is more commonly knows as an agency

now before you start complaining, I understand

Starting an Agency is tough, but...

But don't get discouraged.

With the right guidance?

Now is the GREATEST ever time to start one.

Here's why:

Last year, affiliate marketing was one of the biggest trends ever.

A new "millionaire affiliate" would pop up everyday.

Courses were being released left, right and center.

And I got caught up for a little while, but

I soon realized the affiliate game was nothing more than a trend.

So Instead, I looked deeper, and noticed a gap in the market:

A tiny amount of people were starting Agencies.

The rest were all distracted by quick affiliate money.

So I decided to start an Agency.

And today?

"Affiliate millionaires" are fading away.

And I know what you're thinking

Agencies are a trend just like affiliate marketing.

But what you may not realize is

Agencies thrive, no matter the time.


To answer that question, we have to first answer the basic question:

What is an agency?

When I say the word agency, it means a service-based business that helps other businesses.

You can either help them

> Make more money
> Save money
> Save time

And as long as there are businesses in the world, agencies will thrive!

Most affiliate marketers go broke when there's no trend.

In fact, Agencies thrive more when they're NOT TRENDY.

When affiliate marketing was trending, my Agency started booming.


Because I got a lot more competition that way.

And that's why I'm writing this to you today.

Because finally, there's a new trend.

Instead of "affiliate millionaires"

"Crypto Millionaires" are now popping up EVERYWHERE.

while everyone else is trying to turn $100 into $100000 just through luck

You can turn your skills to CONSISTENT CASHFLOW!

And when you have consistent cash coming in every month, you can invest in crypto.

Instead of "the next best product to affiliate for"

its "the next best coin to invest in"

It's just like affiliate marketing: a trend that will die out.

And just like the affiliate trend gave me the perfect opportunity to

Build my Agency up to $25,000+ a month, as you saw above.

The crypto trend is giving you that EXACT same opportunity.

And I get it, starting an Agency looks intimidating as fuck.

Buying a coin that rockets 1000% seems way easier.

I don’t blame you if you haven’t started, or got any results.

But if you ever wanted the PERFECT time to start a long-lasting Agency


Because while everybody is distracted with crypto?

You have an opportunity to build something that will outlast it.

"Ok, starting an Agency sounds great

but what's the next step?"

I was in the same position.

You see the opportunity, but...

How do you focus on what matters, and genuinely build an Agency?

When you have a question, who/what do you go to for answers?

Don’t you just want to cut out the noise, and zero in on what matters?

You’ll be guided step by step, from ZERO to $20k/month when you get these timeless tools:

Phase 1 - Packaging & Offer Creation

  • How to find that one niche that has the least amount of competition

  • An easy-to-follow map on how to close prospects (even the ones who can’t afford your service)

  • A proportionally imbalanced way to make them feel $5,000+/mo is A STEAL for your service

Phase 2 - Getting your first client

  • Cheating the cold outreach game (using copy affairs)

  • Winning message frameworks that got me twelve $2000/mo+ clients

  • Platinum Positioning Plays to get your first gig without social proof

Phase 3 - From 1 Client to $10k/month

  • How to charge 3x more for the same service (note: you’ll thank me for that)

  • Simple systems & operations to simplify your workflow

  • Video & “Embarrassing truth scripts that get me 20% reply rates (half of them ready to pay the invoice)

Phase 4 - Scaling to $50k/mo

  • Scaling to the moon without lifting a finger

  • Growing a commission-based company to maximize profits

  • Building referral programs that’ll explode your revenue through word of mouth (that’s how good they are)

these are just a handful of 50+ modules

If you want...

A complete step-by-step strategy that works, no matter the current market...

The Agency Cashflow Roadmap was created just for you.

The results my students are getting👇

This is a proven roadmap that guides you, step by step, from zero to $20,000+ a month

Get the roadmap NOW

Bonus trainings from the best in the game!

Linkedin Masterclass by James Watson

In a 90 minute dense training, James shares all his Linkedin secrets and how you can generate 100s of leads like him.

He covers everything from profile optimization to lead generation.

Copywriter's Advantage by Ash

Ash is a crypto copywriter who's has done multiple 6 figure campaigns for here clients.

She shows you how you can use the copywriting secrets to get an advantage over all other newbies.

Mark William

Mark has generated over $40,000,000 for his clients in the past 5 years.

Don't want to do outreach?

No problem
Mark will teach you how to get clients without cold email, LinkedIn DMs, Facebook ads, webinars.

Cold Calling by Sean

Sean has generated multiple 7 figures for his clients in the past 1 year.

He'll show you how you can automate & delegate your cold calling system so you can get clients with no work on your end.

Landing page frameworks with

Your landing page is the storefront of your online business.
So it better converts those hot leads coming to your landing page.

Logan will teach you how, with step by step frameworks and templates!

Cold Email Affairs with Kris

Kris is my partner in one of my agencies. Quick story: He got found a guy who's a good fit, emailed him 5 times, booked a call and closed him.

That client alone took our agency to 6 figure+

Kris will teach you how to use ancient copywriting techniques from decades ago, in 2021 to close WHALE deals!

Most products only give an outline

The nuance and details is where everybody gets stuck.

100s of agency courses

Talking about the same 4 pillars:

> Setup
> Outreach
> Sales
> Retention

But the roadmap is different

The modules are strucutured with one goal:

To provide you with step by step instructions so you can take action right now

Which is why I’ve put

thousands of dollars
thousands of hours

into perfecting these DETAILED tools for you.

I coached multiple people.

I tested, invested, tested, and invested until everything was perfect.

This is well over $10,000 worth of value.

But now, finally, EVERYTHING is in a single, affordable roadmap.

No matter what the situation is, you’ll generate cash.

Start generating real $$$ NOW

"Why should I act now?"

Let me tell you why you're here:

You're here because you know something

You know there's a great opportunity to start an Agency RIGHT NOW

and this is your last chance to take advantage.

If you don't?

Your Agency path still carries on.

You can wake up tomorrow, and keep trying a bunch of things.

$147 of yours will be saved.

The pace you're progressing at right now, will stay the same.

Competitors of yours will increase, but still

you'll probably make it in 6-12 months.

Now, if you get the roadmap?

Your path towards consistent cashflow speeds up.

You save months worth of testing.

You'll be ahead of most of your competitors.

Remember, all I'm offering is a step-by-step roadmap to build your Agency, nothing more.

The choice is yours...

Here's what people from Twitter are saying...

Get the roadmap TODAY

Some frequently asked questions

Is this actually going to help and not be a general course?

A course is a collection of knowledge designed to teach you something.

This roadmap is a GROWTH PATH that is designed to take you step-by-step, from your Job or College, to consistent cash flow with your Agency.

You’ll learn the basics, yes.

Then the other 90% will be specific tools to easily build your Agency.
See other students getting results from this roadmap

Why are you doing this? Won’t I be your competitor?

I am not scared of competition. And neither should you be. I'll teach you how to find your USP so there's 0 competition for you.

English isn't my first language /
I don't live in the US, is that a problem?

English isn't my first language either.
You don't have to be good at English...
You just have to make people confident in you (which this roadmap gives you the tools to do)
I don't live in the US either.
The internet removes all location dependency.
You'll build an internet-based business, so won't have a problem.

Why an Agency when I can get into something like Crypto?

Crypto is a great opportunity to make money these days.
If you know the right coins to invest in, and you have money?
Go right ahead.
But if you really want to be in FULL CONTROL of your cashflow and lifestyle...
Ask yourself this:
"With crypto, can I control the value of the coins I'm investing in?"
"Can I rely on these coins, for months ahead of time?"

Will I get future updates in the roadmap?

You will get all future updates and extra content for free.

Also, you will have lifetime access to the roadmap from just a one-time fee!

Can I get a discount?


Agency Cashflow Roadmap is the discount you’re getting on the time you would’ve spent learning those things yourself and losing money doing things that work.

Everything mentioned in the roadmap is tried by me and 10s of other successful agency owners.

You're one button away from controlling your Cashflow